About The Infinite Degree

Tamara Cinnamon is passionate about people and empowering them to become their best, most vibrant versions. Growing up in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, her five brothers pushed her to aim high early on in her life. She has been an avid student of transformative life change ever since.

Today, Tamara doesn’t only dream big dreams, she helps others live their passions by providing them with all the invaluable tools they need to harness their infinite potential, crack their money code & launch their ideal life! It’s all about creating a life YOU design!

Currently, Tamara is a Pro Facilitator of PSYCH-K, a transformative, results-driven process that allows one to completely rewrite and rewire their limiting beliefs t

hat have been stubborn “no outlet signs” throughout their entire lives. As a firm believer of the power of thoughts, Tamara has made it her life’s purpose to awaken people to their inner magic and instil in them the courage necessary to break through those self-sabotaging steel walls once and for all.

Outside of teaching the ins and outs of total life transformation, Tamara Cinnamon serves people as a Serial Entrepreneur & a Licensed Real Estate Broker. During her free time, she enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with her hero and husband Ken, their horses Nitro & Pappy & Elkhound Marvin. An adventurous spirit at heart, you’ll often find Tamara in the mountains on her snowboard or dirt-bike!