What is SMA?

                                               There are 8 Sacred Money Archetypes: 

                                       The Ruler; The Romantic; The Alchemist; The Accumulator; The Nurturer

                                                         The Connector; The Celebrity; and The Maverick.


We are not all the same! Trying to build our lives & our careers the same way others have done, is a recipe for disaster!!

So what the heck is an archetype anyways?! A great way to think of an archetype is to think of it as a pattern of power within you containing a complete set of stories, beliefs, motivation, fears, courage. Your top archetypes give you direction in making choices that help you live a life you love while moving you forward as a leader in your business or career, in a way completely authentic to YOU!
At a base level we all have strong traits that are specific to us. The things that make us well US! When we try & build our life, our careers our money the way we are “told’ by other as opposed to following our own unique archetype we struggle, we get frustrated & all too often we fail or even worse quit….Why….cause were doing it how we’re told! But there is GREAT NEWS! There is a path of least resistance. A path of following your own path to freedom & success~YOUR WAY!
We all have some of the traits of each of the Archetypes but by focusing on our top 3 we step into our gifts, our sacred strengths and our truly empowering Money Mindset. As we open up and hatch our mind to an Empowering Money Mindset we create alignment with our money and build our life in a truly authentic way to us!

Once you learn your Sacred Money Archetype you have a blueprint, a map to refer to in all circumstances in life. You come alive, you live & create as the best, most authentic & adventurous YOU!!